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Photo of Zie Jennings Spunk Salon



At the start of 2023, I decided to re-imagine my business & transform Spunk Salon into an intentionally small & intimate space -- so friends/clients & new visitors could have a more private, personalized, 1-on-1 haircare experience. 

As the pandemic (thankfully) seems to be winding down, it's left me inspired to want to create a uniquely calm, welcoming and safe environment for people of all types to relax & feel good in. 

Let me know if you're in the mood for certain music ... a 'quiet cut' ... a nice chat ... a glass of something refreshing and how I can help you achieve whatever look and feel you're going for.

I am proud to handpick & offer organic / socially-responsible / cruelty-free hair products that I've found throughout my career. It's also really important to me that every person that leaves the salon, feels better than when they came in. 


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